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Lake Charles Memorial Foundation to Donate $15,000 in Smart Helmet Technology to McNeese Football

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LAKE CHARLES – The Lake Charles Memorial Foundation presented a check for $15,000 to Riddell on Wednesday morning that will be used to equip every McNeese football helmet with the Riddell InSite Training Tool, which is the leading impact monitoring system in football.

McNeese will be the only college football program in the state of Louisiana to currently use the system that will analyze the impacts sustained in practices or games.

“We try to do something every year with the high schools,” said Leif Pederson, Senior Vice President, Philanthropy at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. “I was working with Todd Giambrone (McNeese’s Riddell representative) and this came up with the new helmet. I brought it to our board meeting where Jackie Roe (chairman) said to up it (donate) to take care of every high school in the parish, and let’s do McNeese too.”

Every McNeese football player will wear a helmet equipped with the impact sensor.

The helmet is outfitted with a player unit that will communicate with an alert monitor on the sideline. The alert monitor will alert sideline personnel of impacts that are outside of the norm for a particular player position or skill level of play, which in this case will be the collegiate level.

When the game is over, the alert monitor plugged into a computer and the information from all the impacts from that particular game are downloaded into the computer.

This type of helmet has been in the works for several years.

“The original idea for this helmet started 15 years ago through SRS, our Sideline Response System,” said Kyle Borland, Regional Vice President of Sales for Riddell. “Sideline Response System was the first, and still is basically the only recognized in-helmet sensor technology at a research level.”

“This is a great tool for us to be able to measure the severity of a hit,” said McNeese head coach Lance Guidry. “This is a violent sport. We do a good job of coaching to try to keep the head out of it (impacts) and tackling with more of the shoulder pads and hitting the areas where you’re supposed to hit. Heads are going to hit; they’re going to collide. This is a great tool for us to be able to measure those hits.”

Two weeks ago, the Memorial Foundation purchased the same alert monitoring system for every high school in Calcasieu Parish.

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