DeRidder Police make tongue-in-cheek FB post about jar of marijuana

DeRidder Police make tongue-in-cheek FB post about jar of marijuana

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's making rounds on social media -- a post from DeRidder police, that the chief says is even getting international attention. It's about a jar of marijuana.

It's a picture -- and a post that proves cops do have a sense of humor. The picture is a jar of marijuana.

Chief John Gott reads from part of the post.

"Post says if this is yours please claim the item in person, at the  DeRidder police department.  and once you claim your item, you will get a free ride in a police car, room and board for possibly six months, possibly with meals included," he said.

The chief says the tongue in cheek post was meant to make people smile...

"We normally deal with people at their worst times in life and every now and then we like to let people know that we are people too and just wanna put a smile on their face. If someone comes in to claim it, that would be funny," he said.

The jar of marijuana was found on a local street and turned in by a citizen. Gott says the amount in the jar would actually be a misdemeanor.

"Misdemeanors are prosecuted by up to six months in jail.  that's where the six months of free room and board came into play," he said.

Of course, with many in favor of legalization not everyone thinks the post is funny.

Still, Gott says, surprisingly it's been viewed more than 100,000 times.

"We've gotten responses from the United Kingdom and from Canada and places like that, all over," he says.

And for the record, the jar isn't really in the lost and found. It's in evidence.

Tough they don't expect anyone will ever come to claim it.

Gott is using this bit of social media fame to announce their new 'First Step' program to help those with drug problems. He says a person who is having a drug problem, or has a loved one with a drug problem, may call or come by the police station without fear of being arrested or having any formal criminal complaint filed against them. He says the First Step phone line is 337-202-7801.  He says if someone calls that line it immediately tells the dispatcher it is someone wanting help.  Gott says they will guide them and help them get counseling dealing with the first step toward addressing addiction.  He says if the person seeking help has any drugs to get rid of to reduce temptation, they can be turned in to the police with no fear of being arrested. He says police will dispose of the drugs.  He says the goal of the program is to get someone started on getting help.

The Police Department is located at 200 South Jefferson Street in DeRidder across from the library.

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