Local man creates Lake Charles first hygiene center for the homeless

Local man creates Lake Charles first hygiene center for the homeless

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For the homeless in the Lake Area a big thing many are missing is a hot shower.

One man is looking to change that.

Tucked behind the First Christian Church on 2nd Avenue and 17th Street you'll find Bob Richard's vision.

A year ago Richard realized the homeless in our area seemed in need of extra help.

"Talking with people I realized there was just no place for them to take a shower or to get their laundry done," he said. "Those are the two basic needs that are not being met."

And so the Beacon Center was born.

Richard finally got a building just two weeks ago, and with the help of volunteers he's been working to open Lake Charles first hygiene center for the homeless.

"God is just working miracles in this," he said. "Every single day I see his work being done and as long as I can stay out of his way and let him do the big stuff. I'll do the leg work and the paper work."

Ten year old Mia Ortego is one of the volunteers helping to get the center up and running.

"It feels really good because it's an opportunity to help people," she said.

And while Richard can't offer the homeless who come here a place to stay, he hopes something as simple as a shower or clean clothes will be a start.

"When they leave out of here at the end of the day they'll feel so much better about themselves than when they came in," he said.

The Beacon Center will open on July 2nd.

Richard also has sent in paper work for the center to be considered a non-profit organization, but is currently in need of volunteers to help clean and paint the center. He is asking those who want to paint to bring their own supplies.

lf you would like to volunteer you can call the center at 337-930-2633 or send an email at thebeaconlc@gmail.com

The center is also taking monetary donations to help repair the building and buy supplies. To donate click HERE.

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