U.S. Army celebrates 243 years

FORT POLK, LA (KPLC) - The Army, it's the oldest branch in the U.S. Military and is older than the U.S. itself.

"During those early years at the birth of our nation, our army was a ragtag group of patriots." says Brigadier General Patrick D. Frank, senior commander at JRTC and Fort Polk, "Those early patriots were challenged by the might of the strongest military on the globe and they ensured our nation's freedom. Today that force has transformed into the best trained, best led, most experienced force in the world."

The Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk celebrated the U.S. Army's 243-year history on Thursday, holding a ceremony to pay tribute to every U.S. soldier who fought and died in service to the country.

In the ceremony was a presentation of battle streamers, signifying achievements or moments of history involving the U.S. military, such as the Revolutionary War. The streamers were attached to the army flag by JRTC and Fort Polk's NCO of the year Sergeant Stephan A. Brazzell and soldier of the year Specialist Tristan J. Poston.

"Being in the Army, to me, means that get we to represent our nation, no matter where we are, no matter where we go." says Sergeant Brazzell, "We are always representing, in and out of uniform. It's a huge privilege. I'm thankful to be given the opportunity to serve and represent what I represent."

Specialist Poston says he joined the Army right out of high school.

"The army to me means more than yourself. You join this legacy of brothers and sisters who had gone before you to promote justice and freedom around the world and who sacrificed to achieve just that."

The Mayors Keith Lewing of Anacoco and Rick Allen of Leesville were also in attendance and assisted CSM David W. Bass and Brigadier General Frank in cutting a cake with the Army logo.

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