'Best solution:' Ex-Jindal aides back sales tax to stop cuts

'Best solution:' Ex-Jindal aides back sales tax to stop cuts

Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Two of former Gov. Bobby Jindal's top aides are urging Louisiana lawmakers to support a sales tax renewal to patch budget holes.

Paul Rainwater was Jindal's chief of staff and top budget adviser. Tim Barfield worked as Jindal's revenue secretary, chief lawyer and labor secretary.

The two men wrote a letter appearing Thursday in The Advocate, backing the state Senate's proposal to renew one-half of a 1 percent sales tax that expires on July 1. The proposal would raise $500 million to stop steep cuts to public safety programs, social services and education.

Rainwater and Barfield call it "the best solution for our state in this moment." The idea will be considered in a special session starting Monday.

House Republican leaders have favored a lower sales tax renewal.

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