Key Club makes up a third of Washington-Marion High School population

Key Club made up of a third of Washington Marion students

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Ask students at Washington-Marion High School why they're so glad to be a part of their school's Key Club and they'll probably credit their sponsor, Travis Bolden. 153 of the school's students were in Key Club last year.

"It (Key Club membership) takes up about 32 percent of the school," said Bolden. "So with that being said, it makes an impact. I told the kids what makes them want to be in it, if they feel involved in something other than sports. We want to change the school and the community. Then we can change the outside community."

The Baton Rouge native has been teaching for five years now.

"It's not so much teaching to me. It's mentoring. It's being there for people that can't be there for themselves. It's stepping in and being a parent for kids that have parents. Sounds weird, but that's what I do it for. I do it because I love what God is doing for my heart."

Bolden, who teaches mathmatics, feels that students need to be involved in more th

"I'm a person who can stand in the gap in between the students and their education. I'll even stand in the gap between the parents and the students if there's an issue there. My thing is for them to be successful. I've been that way since I was teaching sixth grade five years ago."

Bolden is looking to make the Key Club at Washington Marion even bigger in the coming school year.

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