Sports Person of the Week - Bailey Mudd

Sports Person of the Week - Bailey Mudd

The Mudd family is no stranger to the Rodeo.

Sisters Bailey and Marcie Mudd have built a strong bond through breakaway roping. The duo shares their success together.

"It's pretty amazing that I have a sister that likes to do the same things as me," Bailey Mudd said.

"She helps me a lot. She makes sure I am ready," Marcie Mudd said.

Both girls qualified for nationals this year after placing top four in the finals at Burton Coliseum. Marcie will head to Huron South Dakota at the end of the month to compete in the Junior High national finals and Bailey to Rock Springs Wyoming in July as one of the very few freshmen competing in the national finals.

"Just being able to be there as a freshman, it's the most amazing thing that could happen," Bailey Mudd said.

But this journey hasn't always been easy for them. The two are used to putting in the work.

"It became a natural thing. I wasn't as good at any of the other events, but I became more dominant in roping because I practice it every single day," Bailey Mudd said.

"Every day we get home from school Dad usually has our calves loaded up for us. We're usually getting our horses out right as we get home. We're always roping," Macie Mudd said.

The girls are looking forward to adding to their buckle collection this summer.

"It's very nerve-racking. Especially at nationals. It's so much pressure, but you have to let it all go and cast all your worries. Just go for it and have fun," Bailey Mud said. "I mean, why do it if you're not going to have fun while doing it."

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