SWLA sends two teams to Jr. NBA Championships

SWLA sends two teams to Jr. NBA Championships
(Source: KPLC)
(Source: KPLC)

"When the bid came in, the kids were just over the top. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the kids," Greg Davis said.

This year Southwest Louisiana is sending two teams to compete in the Junior NBA Championships in Frisco Texas. Elton's SWLA hoopers will be making the trip The Hoopers believe their chemistry on the court will be an advantage over most teams.

"We have an advantage over most people. Most of these kids don't really know each other they pick them from different areas and different schools," Greg Davis said. "All of my kids come from one school, we're from one small town. Most of my kids have been playing with each other since they were six-years-old."

"As long as we get together and make good plays happen, a lot of stuff can happen. We can get more trophy's," Sherman Bellow said.

"Other AAU teams have players that haven't played together that long. We have been playing together since the second grade," Jadon Ross said.

Lake Charles is sending a representative too, in the Lake City Elite.

Devin Collins: "Since these are middle school kids, like I tell them all the time. If you want to play at the next level you have to train as a high school player, as a high school player has to trail for college, as a college player trains for the NBA. So, we pretty much put them through some intense workout drills to help them get prepared for the next level."

Both teams are excited for the competition and getting a chance to meet their favorite players.

"I get to see different things, NBA players," Jadon Ross said.

"That we're going places and we might see people, like famous people," Dahntay Robinson said.

"Meet a celebrity," Jhaylen Moss added.

But there's still only one goal in mind.

"To win, to win," Xavier Ceaser said.

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