CUTE VIDEO ALERT: 5-week-old baby in Lake Charles tries to walk

VIDEO: Five week old baby in Lake Charles tries to walk

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - They grow up so fast!

Baby Cullen is only 5 weeks old, but his mom Ashlyn Lonidier says that he's already trying to walk.

"Starting when he was 2 weeks old, he started fighting us to stand up in our laps when we had him sitting down," Lonidier says. "Josh was holding him up letting him stand on the bed and all of a sudden he just started moving his legs trying to walk away basically."

"We thought there is no way he's trying to walk, so we put him at the edge of the bed and he did it at least three more times walking the length of the bed," she added.

Although it seems incredibly rare that a brand new baby would try to walk, Dr. Stephanie Treme and Therese Deroche, RN, IBCLC, RLC at the Children's Clinic say that this action can be explained by a reflex babies have.

The stepping reflex is triggered when a baby is held upright with their feet on a flat surface. The baby will naturally lift their feet one after another as if they're walking. This happens so that the baby may prepare for walking one day.

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