Calcasieu Parish Police Jury holds strategic planning session

Calcasieu Parish Police Jury holds strategic planning session

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury held their strategic planning session for 2018 on Friday. The CPPJ released a survey for Parish residents to take during May. They used the data collected from the over 700 surveys to create a list of 12 priorities for the Parish.

They jurors narrowed the list down to five priorities to focus on for the next three to five years.

These priorities, which were listed in a handout, included:

  1. Focus on long-term infrastructure needs and implement initiatives focused on addressing those needs (vs. narrow, short-term focus) - traffic patterns, housing, community partnerships, human service programs, quality of life improvements, etc. Consider and pursue opportunities for public-private partnership at all levels of parish government operations.
  2. Create greater efficiencies in resources, expertise, etc. between parish and CPPJ special service districts (fire, drainage, recreation, etc.). Eliminate/reduce duplication in services provided by the cities/state and CPPJ to city vs. parish residents.
  3. Create, facilitate, and support strong quality of life measures (parks, recreation, beautification, etc.) that make Calcasieu Parish a place that people want to call home for years to come.
  4. Build upon recent and ongoing efforts related to parish-wide drainage needs and improvements at a watershed level.
  5. Create a more friendly community by reducing litter and pollution and improving water quality.
  6. Facilitate parish-wide development that includes and acknowledges nuances in specific areas (ex: fringe areas, lakefront, I-10) but also set parish-wide standards and zoning requirements that cities buy into (including areas such as bike access and alternative transportation needs).

CPPJ says that although the survey is over, they would still like input from their constituents. To find out who your police juror is and how to contact them, click here.

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