Smart helmets coming to all Calcasieu Parish varsity football players

VIDEO: Smart helmets coming to all Calcasieu Parish varsity football players

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Football can be a dangerous sport.

But, here in Calcasieu Parish, there is a group looking out for student-athletes.

"When the need arises we raise the funds to take care of the need," said Leif Pedersen, from the Lake Charles Memorial Foundation.

And that is exactly what they did today when they donated the funds to the Calcasieu Parish School Board to purchase the newest football helmet technology for all varsity football players.

The new technology will give coaches and sports trainers detailed information for each player about every impact throughout the game.

"The young men that are going to get this data are changing our game," Jeff Wainwright, Sulphur High School head football coach said. "They're going to change the way high school athletes play it from here on out and the way that high school coaches coach the game. If we can make the game safer and allow more parents to feel like football is a safe sport. "

The helmets which were sent to Riddell earlier this year to be outfitted with this technology will be back and handed out to players when they begin practicing for next football season.

According to Dan Vooletich, regional vice president for Riddell, this technology will send alerts to coaches on the sideline when a hit registers above a certain threshold. He also said that throughout the technology's 15-year lifespan it has collected five million hits that have been used to create the threshold.

For a detailed look at how the technology works you can check out Riddell's YouTube video HERE.

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