Stalker victim's father says Angel Owens should be called "Lucifer"

Stalker victim's father says Angel Owens should be called "Lucifer"

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Her name is Angel but the father of one of the victims, called her 'Lucifer' in court.  Angel Owens-- who once taught teens at a local driving school is guilty of stalking. She won't go to jail unless she violates the terms of her probation.

Owens had contact with countless teens when she worked at the now defunct driving school License 2 Drive.  Several years ago she talked then of her concerns about texting and driving.

"We watch so many videos on the negatives of it because there isn't a positive in there at all," Owens said.

Yet prosecutors say behind the facade was a woman obsessed with some of her students.

"She targeted her victims. She knew who she was going to go after, what type of individual, what type of victim she wanted and it was like a possession to her. Some of these phone calls and some of these messages came at two o'clock in the morning, three o'clock in the morning.  These girls really did suffer and they really were afraid," said Denisse Parrales, severe child abuse prosecutor for Calcasieu Parish.

"The defendant was very controlling and she would use threats often time to say, 'If you don't answer my phone call, if you don't answer my text message then  I"m going to kill myself or I'm going to kill your family if you don't.  I"m going to kill your parents. I know who they are. To a child, the child actually believed that the defendant would actually do these things," said Parrales.

Parrales says Owens was manipulative and sought to control them, wanted them to call her mom, even tried to frame one child's parent for child abuse.

"Child protective services was called in and an investigation ensued," she said.

That father spoke in court.

"He said her name is Angel, but she should be called Lucifer.  I thought that was fitting," recounted Parrales.

Two parents and one victim told the judge stories of what Owens put their children and families through.

During the hearing, Owens was in custody and wearing an orange, jail jumpsuit for violating conditions of her bond.

"One of the conditions of her bond was no internet access and she accessed the internet earlier in May." explained Parrales.

Owens pleaded guilty to three counts of stalking which saves her three young victims from the ordeal of a trial.   She won't go to prison unless she violates her three year probation.

She will also have to register as a sex offender for fifteen years, undergo psychiatric examination and treatment and have no contact with her victims ever.

Judge Mike Canaday said her actions are predatory and warned he won't hesitate to arrest her if she violates  probation.

Owens' attorney declined to be interviewed.

As court ended she was ordered to go to her attorney's office to delete her Facebook account which had photos of at least one of the victims.

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