Learn to paint and sew this summer

Learn to paint and sew this summer

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you're looking to try something different this summer, grab a sewing machine or paint brush and learn a new skill.

Niche Creative Studio in Lake Charles offers sewing, painting, and other crafting classes to help you master the did it yourself project.

If you've ever ripped off a button or a seam in your clothes, you know how important the skill of sewing can be.

We probably all know someone that can sew, but why not learn for yourself?

They have classes throughout the summer for adults and kids and do painting lessons as well.

For more information on their classes visit their website HERE.

Here is a list of other places in our area where you can paint or find sewing materials:

  • Arts' Desire

  • Painting with a Twist

  • The Art Factory

  • Red Beret Art Studio

  • Candice Alexander Art Studio

  • AllBrands.com Lake Charles

  • Creation Station

  • Michaels

  • Cypress Sewing Center

  • Hobby Lobby

Dakota made a special art project for a very special coworker:

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