Locals react to state budget crisis

Locals react to state budget crisis

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Monday night lawmakers continue to debate the future of Louisiana's budget.

Some of those funding that budget, like Louisiana taxpayers, feel that lawmakers have wasted time.

"I'm a public school teacher, and I know going into my job what I'm going to make every single day, every single year, every single month, and I just think public officials need to consider it," said Kerry Onxley.

Some hope that some of the big ticket items and education programs like TOPS does get the funding they need.

"For students it's definitely something that discourages people from even wanting to go to college," said Chelsea Davis.

"Pay closer attention higher education, because those folks will be our next public officials," said Onxley.

One of the biggest issues dividing the House and Senate is Louisiana's sales tax.

At the end of this month, the tax rate is supposed to drop from five percent to four. The Senate wants a sales tax rate of 4.5 percent while the House is fighting for 4.3 percent.

With a decision coming soon, tax payers are hoping to see a budget by midnight so they won't have to foot the bill for a third special session.

"They just need to do it," said Davis. "I mean we don't want them to take money, but...they're using more money by not deciding so any decision is better than wanting no decision."

"If you can not make that decision within the time frame that you're getting paid for...do it for free," said Onxley. "Work on the weekends.

If a decision can't be reached lawmakers will head back to battle it out in a third special session costing tax payers roughly $60,000 a day.

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