Homeless man humiliated in restaurant hopes incident increases awareness

Homeless man humiliated in restaurant hopes incident increases awareness

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Earlier this week a homeless man received a profane and hurtful message on his receipt from a local restaurant. The story went viral.

But the man who experienced the slight hopes it will increase awareness and compassion for people who are homeless.  He is Kenneth Dupuy, who contacted KPLC.  We met him at a local park to hear his story.

"If you really have God in your heart, I'm not saying just open up your wallet or your house to everybody and anybody. But discern what's going on and maybe just take one minute of your time and stop and ask somebody, sit down with somebody like me and say, 'Hey, what's your story.'  Everybody's got a story in life. You never know what a person's been through and you never know what a person's going through," he said.

Dupuy admits his troubles include drug addiction.

"I was a drug addict, I was a crack addict.  I haven't touched crack in two years," said Dupuy.

And there's more to his criminal record, though he says he's reformed.

"I ain't stole nothing in almost 14 years since God come into my heart and I allowed him to change my life around. I won't even go in a grocery store starving to death and steal a bubble gum," said Dupuy.

He has no phone, no vehicle, his driver's license is suspended and with his past and health issues - life is a struggle:

"I stay in a tent in the woods, in the woods," he said, not wanting to give the specific location.

Yet he says he's only been recently homeless, since April, when he says his FEMA trailer was stolen.

"I would be at Grand Isle right now working for my brother in law and my sister at the Grand Isle Suites doing over nine months carpentry work because I had over $1500 in carpentry tools inside my trailer.  I had over $1200 in cash that I saved up. I got pictures of my mama when she was a baby girl, a year old,  that can't be replaced.  All this has been stolen from me," said Dupuy.

His complaint was investigated and turned over to the DA's office for review. But for now Dupuy does his best to survive and keep the faith.

"I want to thank the people around who has been reaching out and I appreciate you all's compassion and do so to others, you know, not just to others.  Remember there are others out there who are having just as hard a time as I am.  Just be kind.  Be kind," he said.

Buffalo Wild Wings has worked to set things right, giving Dupuy wings for a year and donating to a local homeless shelter. And company officials say employees responsible no longer work there.

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