From grain to beer: See how it's made

From grain to beer: See how it's made
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you drink beer, you've probably been exposed to the world of craft beer, but do you know how it's made?

It starts with just some barley and wheat early in the morning on brew day at Crying Eagle Brewing Company.

Drop the malted barley into a mash mixer (a big shiny vessel), add water, stir.

Then you're just about ready to transfer everything to the lauter tun, better known to the layman as the second big shiny vessel.

There you'll cycle everything through for hours until the solid particles are out, and you're left with smooth liquid.

Over to the boil kettle where bacteria is killed, hops are added, and you're off to the whirlpool vessel.

If you're thinking that's the part where you can start drinking, you've still got a few weeks to wait.

You've actually only produced wort, the liquid that you extract from the mashing process.

Fermentation can take weeks at a time depending on the type of beer you're brewing.

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To see a more detailed step by step explanation of brewing beer, watch the video below.

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