Rehearing sought on ruling that could set child killer Langley free

Langley Appeal

Could admitted child killer and pedophile Ricky Langley one day walk free? Not if local prosecutors have their way.

The Calcasieu District Attorney's Office and Louisiana Attorney General's Office have asked the Federal 5th  Circuit Court for a rehearing on a three judge panel's decision that the state cannot retry Ricky Langley for second degree murder.

Langley is the pedophile who brutally killed six year old Jeremy Guillory and he admits it.  Langley hid the child's body in his closet while the community searched several days for the little boy. He's been convicted of murder three times and each time an appeal court has sent it back.

The DA's office wants ALL seventeen judges on the 5th Circuit to hear the case.

Prosecutor Rick Bryant convicted Langley twice.

"Our biggest concern is that a serial child molester and killer could be on the streets of this country and pose a danger and a threat to other children, not just in Louisiana but wherever he decides to go," said Bryant.

Bryant says the court is wrong because of the way the three judge panel ignores Louisiana law.

"These three judges put themselves in the minds of the jurors and what their intent was. We disagree with that.  We think that state law, responsive verdicts should get the deference that they deserve.  Langley was found guilty of second degree murder.  That guilty verdict should stand."

if the appeal fails, the next step is the u.s. supreme court.  if all else fails they could pursue charges other than murder but the passage of time makes it difficult.

A lot of the charges we could have brought against Langley at that time are prescribed.  For instance, manslaughter. It's 40 years now but in 1992   it was 21 years.  So if you found him guilty of manslaughter, he'd be able to walk free."

Bryant is leaving the DA's office and entering private practice in a couple of days.  but he says Langley will always be on his radar.

"I would say Ricky Langley is the most dangerous person I've ever come across because he's the only one that expressed joy in the killing of children.  And it worries me a great deal that this man could be back on the streets of anywhere, because he's indicated that he would kill children again and we should all be frightened of that," said Bryant.

For now Langley is still in state prison.  Judge Robert Wyatt ordered Langley held without bond until appeal issues are resolved.

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