LCPD and CPSO jointly investigating two attempted rapes

LCPD and CPSO jointly investigating two attempted rapes
Richard Wayne Barras (Source: CPSO)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu deputies say the first attempted rape happened on Leon Drive off Nelson Road.  They say,while under attack, the elderly woman began screaming and the suspect ran away.

Scarcely thirty minutes later, Lake Charles Police say a similar attack on another woman near Country Club and West Prien Lake Road.

Richard Wayne Barras,age 31. has been arrested in connection with both incidents. Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon says Barras is on parole.

"He does have a criminal history, more burglary and theft.  So, it's kind of hard to go from that side of the house, basically property crime, thefts and so forth,  to now, serious sexual assault, so he wasn't on our radar as far as that good," said Dixon.

But after reviewing videos from the area authorities are convinced they've got the right man. And Dixon credits great cooperation between the agencies.

"Who knows what we saved other women the next day, the day after, the day after.  So, those are the stories that are never told so great work, quick work, cooperative work and hopefully we've got a guy behind bars forever, who will never be a threat again," said Dixon.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso says unlike most sexual assaults the victim did not know their attacker.

"This case is one that your jaw drops and your heart drops immediately because these victims did not know this suspect," said Mancuso.

With the help of State Police authorities were able to find the car they say Barras was driving, which they say was hidden behind a residence on Flounder Street.  Mancuso says they'd like to speak with a woman with whom Barras was staying.

"So, if that woman would be willing to come forward and talk to us, we could use a statement from her," said Mancuso.

District Attorney John DeRosier will review the details of the investigation once the report is submitted.

"The District Attorney's office will step up to that plate and prosecute this case and any sexual predator case to the fullest extent of the law," said DeRosier.

Formal charges are still pending.  Barras' bond is set at $900,000.

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