McNeese's Erika Piancastelli reflects on historic career

Sports Person of the Week - Erika Piancastelli

"I don't know if words will ever do justice for what she's done for us," James Landreneau said. "Erika is, besides being talented is one of the most humble people I've ever met. Her ability to just be able to move around positions and handle locker room, handle success with such grace and stay humble through the process. It's just been special to be a part of. It's not often that you get to coach a kid that is that talented."

"Looking back at it I think, yeah I broke a lot of records and set the standards high, but these four years I have personally grown way more than I think anyone knows," Erika Piancastelli said.

Erika Piancastelli put McNeese softball on the map thanks to her historic four-year career. While playing for the Cowgirls, she set a total of 20 career and single-season records including runs scored, RBI's and home runs.

Her numbers suggest she's arguably the greatest athlete in McNeese history.

"I think when you talk decorated, you're talking about facts and not opinions and I think she is," Landreneau added. "It's pretty impressive. It seemed like it was every offensive record that was out there every week. She was breaking them since last year. It's very unique. It's hard to argue about her talent. I think everyone in the country sees how special Erika is."

"A lot of great kids on the team, but Erika is up there. One of the greatest players of all time," Tim Brown said. "One of the top 20 softball players in the country."

"I'm Honored to be able to be recognized as one of the best players, but for me, it was just that I had so much fun being here, and I had so much fun playing for this team and wearing McNeese across my chest," Piancastelli said.

And there's no doubt, Piancastilli has left Lake Charles feeling that same exact same way about her.

"She's just so much more than just a great player and I think that's just very unique to find. But yes, she's one of the greatest athletes I've ever seen," Landreneau said.

"McNeese has given me so much that I think what I've given them is not even half of what they've given me. Just being able to be recognized and knowing that my hard work did pay off," Piancastelli said. "Even though it wasn't something I was going for, I was just playing to have fun. McNeese has given me so much and to be able to give all that in return, it's an honor."

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