POLICE: NM homicide suspect with ties to SWLA dies

POLICE: NM homicide suspect with ties to SWLA dies

A former DeRidder resident, accused of a double homicide in New Mexico, has died.

Dustin Brian Montano, 31, is accused of killing Deborah Martinez and her 17-year-old daughter at an apartment complex in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Thursday. Montano was shot by police at a Walmart in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

According to police, Montano has died from his injuries and the incident remains under investigation.

Montano was previously convicted of manslaughter in Texas at 18 years old when he stabbed Barton Jeffrey Woodard in August 2005.

Montano was involved in a fight that involved up to six men at a home in San Leanna, Texas (near Austin) when he stabbed Woodard, also 18, with a 3-inch knife, according to a report in the Austin American-Statesman. Woodard was stabbed in the heart.

Montano was initially charged with murder but was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He also served a concurrent 6-month sentence on a conviction of evading arrest with a vehicle.

He was scheduled to be released in August 2015 but was released on parole in March 2014.

Later in 2014, he was arrested by DeRidder police for a DUI and drug charges.

In 2005, Montano also spent 60 days in jail after pleading no contest to a DWI.

In 2017, he pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and was sentenced to 90 days.

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