Ward 3 Lake Charles Marshal Joey Alcede retiring

VIDEO: Ward 3 Lake Charles Marshal Joey Alcede retiring

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Ward 3 Lake Charles City Marshal Joey Alcede has decided to retire before his current term expires in 2020.  Alcede has spent his life in law enforcement, spending many years as warden at the Calcasieu Parish Jail and then serving as Ward 3 Lake Charles  Marshal for 14.

He's decided it's time to retire.

"I've been working since I was a teenager in high school and I've been in law enforcement for 47 years," said Alcede.

As marshal, Alcede says he is to Lake Charles City Court what the sheriff is to state court.  his responsibilities include overseeing deputy marshals whose responsibilities include serving papers, handling evictions.

"Our office does mostly civil work, serving papers, what have you, warrants for people who ,  don't come to court," he said.

And his volunteer marshals provide public service as needed. He also has been involved in making door-to-door sales safer for homeowners and those involved in fund raising.

"One thing that came up were the kids raising money for school projects and what have you and maybe they wouldn't be able to to do that will the new law.  My concern was when that kids is knocking on that door, he or she doesn't know who's on the other side of that door. It could've been a sex offender," he said Alcede.

Since 1952, two of Alcede's predecessors became sheriff of Calcasieu.  So the position could be seen as  a stepping stone to that parish wide office. And it pays.

"It's not a salaried position.  It's based on a commission on different types of papers that you serve and all, but it's probably close to $200,000," he said.

Those who want to run for Ward 3 Marshal must sign up between July 18th and July 20th.

The primary election is Tuesday, November 6 and any runoff will be Saturday, December 8th.

Whoever is elected will take office December 18, when Alcede retires.

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