Lake Charles Memorial Residency program helping interns become better doctors

Lake Charles Memorial Residency program helping interns become better doctors

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The road to residency isn't easy.

"I round the morning see my patients," says first-year Lake Charles Memorial Residential Intern Christian LeBlanc. "I look at labs, evaluate, making sure they're giving the right treatment, making sure we address any concerns they have overnight. Then, we round with our attending that supervises us and making sure we're doing everything appropriate to support our patient."

It's just LeBlanc's first year in the program but he's already saving lives.

"I had to intubate and support a patient the other night on life support," says Leblanc, "And they ended up improving and now they're not in the intensive care unit."

Students come from as far as Canada to take part in it and only eight students are selected each year.

Associate Program Director Danette Null says this is the best hands-on experience these interns can get. "They're learning how to take care of patients, how to interact with them, how to handle something right in front of their face that they saw in the book, but it looks different," Null says, "It gives them a wide range of wealth and experience so that when it's time for them to be out by themselves, they feel more comfortable doing that."

But the program doesn't just help the students working on finishing their residency, it helps patients and the economy.

"Having the program provides care for those who may not have a regular physician," Null says, "And then you have physicians prepared to come back to Lake Charles and surrounding areas."

The residency program at Lake Charles Memorial lasts three years. To apply visit their website HERE.

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