Louisiana Safe Boating Week

Louisiana Safe Boating Week

With Memorial Day weekend coming up and summer not far behind, many will be staying cool in the water. As the temperatures start to rise so do the number of boating accidents.

This week is Louisiana Safe Boating Week. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries wants everyone to know how to stay safe while out on the water.

Sergeant Stuart Guillory says that the most common problems are with life jackets. There have to be enough life jackets for everyone in the boat and every person 16 or younger in the boat is required to wear a life jacket at all times. The life jackets also have to be well-fitted. Children can slip out of life jackets that are too big for them.

"It's the start of spring summer, we got a lot of boaters coming out. We're starting to see the boat traffic in the area increase right now. We're trying to get the public on board with being safe while out on their boats."

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries holds free courses for boating safety; courses required to drive a boat.

To sign up for a free boat safety course with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries click here.

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