Scenic spots on the water to try this summer

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - The final school bell of the year will ring in a couple weeks, and many kids will want to run straight to the lake.

If you'll be on the water this summer, why not try a new spot?

Southwest Louisiana has some of the most gorgeous scenery, so you're encouraged to try something different this year.

There's miles of unseen territory across Louisiana with more wildlife than you would ever guess.

Lieutenant Ron Johnson with the CPSO Marine Enforcement Unit says one of his favorite places is the Cameron Jetties.

"This says Louisiana better than anything in the world," said Johnson. "This is what the south is about. We've got every kind of wildlife you can imagine out here. It's just beautiful. There's not much more you can say than that. There's so many places that go unexplored by so many of the people, they just don't get to see it. They see pictures of it, but they never get to physically come out and see the pelicans diving and catching fish, the shrimp boats shrimping."

Some of the favorite spots of Johnson and his colleagues are Contraband Bayou, Big Lake, the Cameron Jetties, the Calcasieu River, Henderson Bayou, and the Lacassine Reserve.

Sr. Sgt. Ryan Mareno reminds us that we also have a huge body of water just down the river.

"We have the Gulf of Mexico, one of the greatest natural resources in this area and people forget it's just south of us by a little bit," said Mareno.

The best part is they are all just a short boat ride away.