Gillis Grocery back in business

Gillis Grocery back in business
(Source: KPLC)

GILLIS, LA (KPLC) - Today's work day at Gillis Grocery & Cafe is a little bit different after a trailer unhinged from a dump truck and crashed into the building.

The incident happened Thursday night around 8:15 pm.

"Utility trailer, it left the back of the truck, bounced the curve, came through the cafe doors..busted the walls down."

The crash happened near the store's cafe, where customers usually sit and dine for lunch or dinner.

Owner, Steve Gaudet, says the driver admitted it was an accident, he's just thankful no one was hurt.

"I had 2 employees working the front register, actually one of them was in the cooler, one of them was working the register."

The staff at Gillis Grocery, haven't let this incident stop them from serving their most loyal customers.

Although customers won't be able to dine in, they'll still be able to take orders to go.

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