Snake bite tips for the summer months

Snake bite tips for the summer months

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The warmer weather means a lot of us are getting closer to nature and closer to snakes.

But if one bites you, what do you do?

Stephanie Easton, a Nurse Practitioner for Christus St. Patrick Hospital, said one of the biggest mistakes people make when bitten by a snake is not seeking the proper medical attention.

"You want to come directly in and get evaluated to your nearest emergency department," Easton said. "There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet that's incorrect. We see a lot of people that come in telling us about Dr. Google and have already self-diagnosed themselves."

Easton provides a few tips while you wait for medical attention in the meantime.

"Remove jewelry or clothing near the affected area," Easton said. "Make sure you take off anything that can be restricting in the future."

Easton said to also avoid applying pressure to the area that was bitten and to remember details about the snake so medical personnel can determine the best method of treatment.

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