Summer months see uptick in door-to-door fraud; what to look out for

Summer months see uptick in door-to-door fraud; what to look out for

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Imagine getting a knock at your front door from someone saying they work for your home security company and that you need to update your system. How can you be sure they actually work for the company and avoid being a victim of fraud?

The Office of the Louisiana Fire Marshal says that door-to-door sales go up in the summer months. They along with several other organizations, such as ADT and Better Business Bureau gathered in Baton Rouge on Friday to get the word our about deceptive sales in the home security industry.

Butch Browning, Louisiana Fire Marshal, says that there are four things customers should always know to avoid become a victim.

1. You do not have to invite the person into your house.

2. Always ask for their identification and contact information for their company. They should always provide it to you to call and confirm they do work for who they say they work for.

3. Read everything carefully. Any paperwork you are given should not be skimmed over.

4. Do not feel like you have to give in pressure. Sometimes over aggressive sales pitches are a warning in themselves.

The Louisiana Fire Marshal and Better Business Bureau both have information on their websites for you to look at verified organizations and businesses that both offices have approved.

For the Better Business Bureau's list of accredited businesses, click here.

For a full list of approved LSPP contractors click here.

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