Reports: At least 8-10 killed in Santa Fe High School shooting

SANTA FE, TX (KXXV) - Reports say that at least eight people have been killed at Santa Fe High School, south of Houston, ABC13 Houston reports. The assistant principal said the shooter has been arrested and secured.

They also report that the shooter is a student, and that second suspect has been detained.

The Houston Chronicle reports that several students, along with an officer, was injured in the shooting.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said called the shooting "a multiple-casualty incident". They said the scene is no longer active.

ABC13 said that police were called to the school on 16000 Highway 6 shortly before 8 a.m. Friday. The school district confirms that there were several injuries in the shooting.

In aerial shots of the scene, you can see students being lined up outside the school. ABC13 said that their backpacks are being deposited for officials.

Witnesses told ABC13 that the shooting took place in an art class on campus between 7:30 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.

"It was just a normal class day and we were just sitting there doing our work in first period, then all of a sudden, it was a fire drill," student Angelica Martinez said to CNN.

"So we followed the fire drill procedures, and then we went outside and we were all standing there. But not even five minutes later, we all start hearing gunshots, and everybody starts running. But, like, the teachers were telling us to stay put because we were all just running away."

A mother of a student said her child called her about the incident.

"She called frantically to say there was a fire drill and they were outside," Angie Martinez said. "And then she heard gunshots and that was an active shooter. So I told her, I said, 'Run baby, run and hide.' I said, 'Get out of there.' ... I said, 'Go wherever you need to go ... go to the gas station.' There's a gas station caddy corner to the school. ... 'Me and your dad are on our way. Me and your dad are on our way. Just run.'"

One student told KTRK his friend pulled the school fire alarm after spotting a suspect with a gun. Other students said they heard sounds similar to gunfire.

LifeFlight arrived on scene and was seen transporting several people.

Students are being brought to the Alamo Gym, where parents will be able to pick them up.

The Galveston County Sheriff's Office, ATF and Santa Fe Police all assisted in the shooting.

Other nearby school districts are took precautions.

About 1,400 students are enrolled at Santa Fe High School.

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