(KPLC) - Were you part of the big debate this week?

No, not the world current events debate, not a political debate, the really big debate. The one about whether a sound clip is saying "Yanni" or "Laurel."

That debate seems to have taken over the internet and workplace conversations this week. Now we could make an observation about how many people would vote in a poll about this versus the number of people who actually show up to vote in an election, but that's not the thing which strikes me most about this phenomenon.

I'm amazed at how civil we were with each other in this debate. I don't think anyone compared me with Hitler or called me a Nazi because I heard Yanni and they were convinced it was Laurel. Even though we were each absolutely convinced of our own correctness, we didn't resort to name calling.

I remember a time, visiting the barbershop with my dad when political discussions were much the same. Spirited and impassioned arguments were frequently held without anyone getting their feelings hurt. Maybe we could find a path back to those days.

If we could decide to treat more arguments like "Yanni vs Laurel", we'd probably all be a lot happier, and we might even find some common ground from time-to-time.

And by the way, it's "Yanni"!

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