Langley held without bond as prosecutors prepare to appeal 5th Circuit ruling

Langley held without bond as prosecutors prepare to appeal 5th Circuit ruling
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Confessed child killer Ricky Langley will stay in prison, at least for now.

When the U.S. Fifth Circuit reversed Langley's murder conviction, it sent the matter back to the trial court for any further action.  So, Judge Robert Wyatt has ordered that Langley be held without bond until after the State's appeals are exhausted including review by the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

Langley not only confessed to brutally killing six year old Jeremy Guillory.  Prosecutor Rick Bryant reads from one of his confessions where Langley talks about how he liked it.

"He graduated from just molesting children from around the country to actually killing a child and what was his reaction, if you read it in his statement, 'I enjoyed it.  I found pleasure in it.' He didn't know what his reaction would be until the first one took place.  And because he enjoyed it and liked it, as much as he liked molesting children, then he was telling everyone else, if I get out, I would do that again because I enjoyed it so much," said Bryant.

Bryant and others familiar with the Guillory murder and  Langley's history are horrified at the idea that he might ever be released into society.

"It's frightening.  It would be much like letting Jeffrey Dahmer go or letting Derrick Todd Lee back on the streets.  It's a scary proposition. He's that dangerous in our opinion because of his threats to kill more children.  What can be more dangerous than that?" said Bryant.

Bryant would like to see everyone across the country alerted to the danger Langley would pose if released.

"He went from being just a pedophile to being a murderous pedophile which is doubly dangerous," he said.

Ironically, Bryant says Langley has written him many times and says in his most recent letter that he wants to stay in prison-- yet:

"His lawyers and the court made this ruling which will put this predator back on the street," said Bryant.

But for now Bryant says the DA's office, attorney general and others are banding together to lodge what they hope will be a successful appeal and assure Ricky Langley stays where he cannot hurt anyone.

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