Consider This: Spring Changes

CONSIDER THIS: Spring Changes

The one constant in life may be change, but many of us notice it more in the springtime. Our lawns are green, and plants are in bloom. Even KPLC takes on our sparse gardening beds in order to spruce up a bit.

But the world around us is also changing. We have a number of important changes going on here in Southwest Louisiana. Sulphur has sworn in a new mayor; long-time Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon has announced his retirement. And McNeese and Sowela have graduated a fresh new class, ready to take on and change our world.

In all of these changes there is the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before, to take things to a new level, rather than just starting over. That kind of opportunity is exciting and reminds us of the changes we see all around us in springtime, when everything old is fresh and new again.

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