How to spot dehydration in your pets

How to spot dehydration in your pets
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In Louisiana, temperatures can average to 90 degrees in the summer. When you add the humidity, it can feel closer to 100 degrees.

Humans know when we are dehydrated, but what about our pets? Here are signs to look for in your pet.

For dogs, a loss of appetite, reduced energy levels, panting, sunken eyes, and dry nose and gums are all signs that your dog may be dehydrated.

For cats, lethargy, dry mouth, depression, elevated heart rate, decreased skin elasticity and panting.

For horses, high levels of protein in the blood, thick and sticky saliva, dry skin and mouth, and dullness in the eyes.

Local veterinarian Dr. Weston Moseley says that the best remedy for dehydration is water and shade or being indoors in the A/C. If you have any questions on if your pet is dehydrated, you can always call your veterinarian.

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