Consider This: Teacher Appreciation

CONSIDER THIS: Teacher Appreciation

When I look through the "Wall of Appreciation" in my mind, I see the pictures of a number of my teachers hanging there. And even more pictures of my daughter's teachers.

Our teachers really do help shape us into the people we become. Many people in my extended family are, or were, teachers, including my Mother and one of my sisters. I know through them that teaching can be a tough, thankless job – one that they love anyway.

As we approach the end of Teacher Appreciation week, I hope you've taken the chance to show a teacher real and true appreciation for what they do.

This year's teacher appreciation gift from Billy Navarre is inscribed with the words "Thank you for changing the world one child at a time." That is truly what they do.

So, from me personally, and on behalf of all of us at KPLC, thank you to all of our teachers.

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