Hometown Hero: John Ramoin

Hometown Hero: John Ramoin

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Following World War II, many U.S. soldiers remained in Europe to help with rebuilding after the war.

John Ramoin left his Church Point home in 1948 to join the Air Force. World War II was over, but the U.S. soldiers were still being used to help rebuild Europe. He vividly remembers the rough ship ride overseas. He said bathrooms were not great places to be.

"And when the boat started shaking, it would throw that all over us. That's one of the reasons we would go stay on top of the boat."

Ramoin ended up at Fürstenfeldbruck. a German Air Force Base near Munich, Germany.

"We had 14 thousand people on that base during that war. 14 thousand.  A lot of them got sick. That was my job; to enter them into the hospital.", says Ramoin.

Ramoin also helped soldiers to get furloughs back home. But his starkest memory of Germany was the discovery of a drainage ditch that turned out to be a mass grave dug by Hitler's soldiers.

He says, "Not far from where our base was, he dug a hole, a gully, to take the water out of the fields. But underneath, that's where he buried all the people."

After two years of service, Ramoin was allowed to leave Germany, due to his father's sickness back home in Louisiana. Ramoin returned home from his military service and worked for Cities Service Oil Company for over 35 years. He and his wife Betty have been married 65 years.

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