Edwin Edwards returns to Crowley where his political career began

Edwin Edwards returns to Crowley where his political career began
Edwin Edwards (Source: Facebook)

CROWLEY, LA (KPLC) - Some call him the 'other Governor Edwards.' Edwin Edwards returned today to the place where his political career started.

At the age of 90, the former governor seems happy, healthy and full of the stories and wit people expect from him.

"My father was a very stern Presbyterian.  He disliked three things.  Alcohol, tobacco and gambling.  I gave him two out of three," said Edwards.

At the Crowley Rotary Club meeting, he also gave his take on some of the controversial issues of the day like gun control.

Edwards says he's not against guns or the second amendment of the constitution, but he thinks AR 15s should be given only to the military, the police and certain properly trained people.

"They make the argument, well automobiles kill 50,000 people per year.  But automobiles were not built to kill people.  AR 15s were built to kill people.  That's the difference.  The other thing is, I don't think teachers should be armed to protect children," he said.

And Edwards, who has personal experience with the justice system, says he supports efforts to require unanimous jury verdicts in the state.

"I think that nobody should be sent to prison if two people think there's reasonable doubt," he said.

He does think Louisiana's constitution needs work.

"We need a new constitution in my opinion.  But I"m concerned about the present philosophy of people in office in Louisiana now and what they would do in rewriting it," said Edwards.

And while everyone has ups and downs in life, he says he's pleased with his  and enjoys his wife and four year old son.

"I have no regrets in life except for one.  I regret that I probably won't live long enough to see Eli graduate from high school, although I'm going to try.  Now if he's smart as his daddy, he'll probably pass several grades at one time and maybe he'll make it," he said.

And he offers this bit of wisdom for others.

"I hope in some small way that one of the important things about living is to help other people, to do things to make things better for other people," said Edwards.

Edwards turns 91 in August.

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