Lake Charles residents protest for Moss Memorial to stay open

VIDEO: Lake Charles residents protest for Moss Memorial to stay open

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With Moss Memorial Health Clinic potentially on the chopping block as the state works to fill a $650,000,000 budget deficit, a group of Lake Charles citizens who don't want to lose the clinic got the word out Saturday.

On the corner of Prien Lake Road and Ryan Street, Timeko West gathered with friends and family to voice her concerns.

"I gathered up my troops, and we came out here to try to reach everybody in the community just to know what's going on with healthcare today," said West.

West stressed the importance of reaching out to legislators.

"I'm a concerned citizen, I'm here to try to help get the awareness out there that 'Hey if they close Moss Regional, where are we going to go?'" said West. "I just want people to know if you don't call your legislator, if you don't get out there and voice your opinion, nobody's going to know what's going on."

She also raised the question of where Moss Memorial's patients will go if the clinic is shut down.

"At one point, you get in your life where you think 'oh it doesn't matter,' but it does matter," said West. "What are we gonna do if they close Moss, where are they gonna go? I mean, are we gonna flood the ERs? Are we gonna flood the Urgent Cares?"

West said the reason she's so motivated to make a change is because of her daughter.

"It's important because that's my future," said West. "I'm doing this all because of her."

If appropriate funding isn't approved for Moss Memorial, its doors will close on July 1.

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