DOTD making changes at Belden St & Shattuck St intersection

VIDEO: DOTD making changes at Belden St & Shattuck St intersection

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Sweet family overlooks a car crash at the intersection of Belden Street and Shattuck Street from their yard. It's become a scene all too familiar for them.

"You come out not knowing if that person is fatally injured, alive, dead, anything. It's a scary feeling," says Acacia Sweet.

They have lived next to the intersection for seven years and say accidents have gone up over the years. The Lake Charles Police Department confirms this, saying in 2014, three wrecks happened, six wrecks in 2015, ten wrecks in 2016, and nine wrecks in 2017. So far this year, four wrecks have happened at the intersection.

"We don't let our kids come outside and play because of the situation," says Tori Sweet.

Both say they have been voicing their concerns to Lake Charles City Council, which passed a resolution last year calling on the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to make changes to prevent further accidents from happening.

DOTD Communications Director Rodney Mallett says that the DOTD conducted a study last September and that changes will be made to the intersection.

First, they will move the stop signs to make them more visible. Then they will re-stripe the intersection. Mallett says those low-cost changes will be made after I-10 repairs are complete.

While officials have announced that surface work on I-10 has been completed, work still needs to be done under the overpasses. Once that is finished, work on the Belden & Shattuck intersection will begin.

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