Proposal made to end gun-free zones at Louisiana schools

Proposal made to end gun-free zones at Louisiana schools

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Lawmakers across the country have gone back and forth about gun regulations ever since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14.

Now, the latest proposal circulating at Louisiana's state capitol could make gun-free zones at Louisiana schools a thing of the past.

House Bill 602, sponsored by State Representative Blake Miguez, passed in the house 59-37 Wednesday.

If made law, the bill would allow visitors with concealed carry permits to carry guns on school campuses.

Jeff Davis Parish School Superintendent Kirk Credeur says when he first read the bill he was in disbelief.

"There are too many educational bills that are being proposed without their due diligence done to speak to the educators who are in the trenches," Credeur said.

Credeur said taking away gun-free zones would be problematic and would cause further confusion.

"Communities do not want weapons in school," said Credeur. "You don't know who has a correct permit and who doesn't. And then it puts us in a position of policing who should have a gun, who shouldn't have a gun."

However, some believe having gun-free zones at schools won't stop a possible shooter.

"Gun free zones haven't worked," said Larry Agee. "Properly trained teachers or resource officers on campus to protect our kids makes a lot more sense than having a sign saying you can't have a gun on campus and thinking people are protected."

Credeur said he understands the thinking of those backing the bill, but said schools should be able to set a tone for having a safe environment.

"It's something we have to stand for as a school system and say this is what we want."

The proposal would not allow teachers or school employees to carry firearms.

It now moves to the Senate for debate.

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