Sports Person of the Week - Antonio Silva Seara

Sports Person of the Week - Antonio Silva Seara

Tennis is an international sport.

As a foreign exchange student, Antonio Silva Seara didn't come to Sam Houston High for the sport, but it's certainly how he's making his mark.

A native of Spain, he first picked up a racket at 7 years old. Now, a junior in high school and he helped make history for the bronco's tennis team alongside senior Tom Hall. This past weekend, the duo brought home the school's first-ever state championship in doubles.

Jason Moody: "I could tell they gelled at the beginning of the season, I knew they would be a strong team, I hinted at them, they could win a state title if they put their minds together."

Antonio Silva Seara: "I feel good for the high school and for me and Tom. We worked really hard together."

Tom Hall: "Coming out here and spending a lot of hours after school and on the weekends. Just a lot of practice, it feels great to win that title."

Silva Seara and Hall were first-time partners this year, but the two still managed to put the Bronco tennis team on the map. Head coach Jason Moody says when deciding to pair the two, it was a no-brainer.

Jason Moody: "How each one of them compliments each other. For example, Antonio is really consistent with his forehand. He has a great slice backhand. Tom's got more of a power game. His serve can throw you off the court. Both of them are good at the net. With all that together, I could tell they would be a good doubles team."

As Silva Seara's time in the US comes to an end, he reflects back everything that has made his experience something to remember.

Antonio Silva Seara: "I just want to say thank you to all my coaches, my host family, my family from Spain and everybody. Thank you for helping and supporting me."

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