National Paranormal Day: Investigating the Strand Theater

National Paranormal Day: Investigating the Strand Theater

It's National Paranormal Day! A day where people across the country are sharing their paranormal encounters.

KPLC's Sophia Landry and Chandler Watkins went ghost hunting at the Strand Theatre with the Cajun Country Paranormal team.

The founder of the group, Curtis Deshotel, is on a mission to help people feel better about ghosts.

"We're here to help people, because we know what they're going through," said Deshotel.

The Strand is said to be home to two different spirits, a lady that stays in the balcony and a man that walks up and down the aisles.

"It kind of got a little eerie when I was setting up some stuff by myself. But it always gets like that because you have the thought of things watching you," said Deshotel.

They set up cameras, and used equipment like mel-meters and K2 meters, which detect electromagnetic waves and temperature changes. They also used devices to capture EVPs, but the most interesting device was the spirit box. It flips through radio stations extremely fast, which allows the spirits to communicate through the static.

It was in the upstairs back dressing room that the team thinks we captured a voice saying 'Jennings' and 'KPL', through the spirit box.

Another incident occurred in front of the stage. A mel-meter picked up on something that seemed to be right above Chandler's shoulder. After multiple tests, Deshotel and his team concluded that it was electrical.

"We're about 98% sure it's electrical in the wall," said Deshotel.

The wiring in the wall, still can't explain the voices in the spirit box.

"All in all, I think we did a fairly good job, of hitting things, it was mostly quiet tonight, you know, I was hoping to get a little bit more action for the team and for the Strand Theater, but ghosts don't come out on cue, sometimes they just don't want to play or talk," said Deshotel.

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To contact the Cajun Country Paranormal team, check out their facebook page.

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