It may not be the mosquitoes that are biting you

It may not be the mosquitoes that are biting you
Black fly eggs, pupa and adult. (Source: LSU Ag Center)

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - According to the LSU AgCenter, gnats, rather than mosquitoes, may be the reason behind your recent bug bites.

As a member of the black fly family, turkey gnats, buffalo gnats, and 'no-see-ums' are just a few of the names of these little pests.

LSU AgCenter Entomologist Sebe Brown says gnats can be a problem mostly during late winter to early spring, and because of Louisiana's cooler-than-usual winter, the gnats may have an extended season.

The good news is that once temperatures consistently stay at about 80 degrees, the gnat population should decrease.

But the bad news? Mosquito numbers are expected to increase as the temperatures warm.

"Like mosquitoes, adult gnats feed on blood," said Brown. "Some gnat species will swarm around livestock and people, cutting the skin of their host and feed on the blood."

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