UPDATE: Severed heads in Cameron Parish and Texas

UPDATE: Severed heads in Cameron Parish and Texas

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - It's been nearly two months since the news of a severed head found along La. 27 in Cameron Parish.

An incident that would be the talk of the town for many in the parish.

Resident Travis Perkins remembers it well. She moved to Hackberry about five years ago and says incidents like this are happening too often.

"One thing after another it seems like", says Perkins, "I think it happens down here because there are less people and more open areas. That's why I moved here to get further away from people."

Authorities in both Louisiana and Texas are searching for a possible link between the severed head found in Cameron Parish on Mar. 1 and a second head found just a few weeks later in Huffman, Texas.

There are some similarities; both victims had Auburn colored hair, both were found in a bag and in close proximity to a Lake, and both were about the same age anywhere from 20 to 40.

Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson says at this point not much has changed in the investigation.

Johnson says, "It's actually in the coroner's hands right now. They had chased down about five leads, I believe, but none of them proved any connection. They disproved the leads they had. And now the head is in Baton Rouge and they're working hard to reconstruct that head.

Johnson says, for now, the sheriff's office and Houston Police will share information until the case is solved.

"Once we do get a lead on who their person is and who our person is that will help us to see if we can tie these two together or not", says Johnson.

Johnson says the person of interests is a male in his twenties.

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