Five week early baby born in DeRidder church parking lot

VIDEO: Five week early baby born in DeRidder church parking lot

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - It was a Sunday of divine intervention.

Chelsea Johnson woke up with minor pains, but thought nothing of it because she wasn't due for another five weeks. She told her husband to go to his golf tournament, and after a text from him checking up on her, was when the pain got worse.

"Not even fifteen, twenty minutes after that, the pain got unbearable. I called him and told him something was wrong, something's not right."

Johnson, her daughter, and her mother-in-law got in the car and began the drive from Pitkin to the hospital in DeRidder. On Highway 112, Johnson knew she wasn't going to make it in time. Her mother in law made the decision to meet the ambulance at Turning Point Apostolic Church. She pulled into the parking lot and asked a church member for help. They ran inside and asked those who were in choir practice to come outside. One of the women who ran outside was Carolyn Maddox.

"We weren't even supposed to have choir practice that afternoon...thank goodness we did."

She had gone to nursing school, but never finished because she had her baby. She was there for Johnson and helped deliver the baby.

"Two pushes and she came out. She was beautiful."

The ambulance and her father, Chase Johnson, arrived mere minutes after the birth. He says that he is grateful for the women who were there for his wife.

"All I could do was walk around, thank, and hug them...I owe them everything."

They decided to name their beautiful 4 lb 12 oz baby girl Hermione Grace Johnson. Her first name an homage to the Harry Potter series and her middle name to the church.

"It was the grace of God who brought us to Turning Point."

The Johnson's and members of the church hope to remain friends. Members of Turning Point Apostolic Church visited the Johnson's in the hospital, brought them gifts, and sent texts checking up on the now family of four.

"I feel like I owe these women my life," says Chelsea Johnson. "I'm overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with love."

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