Consider This: Au Revoir Britney

VIDEO: Consider This: Au Revoir Britney

(KPLC) - You've likely heard by now that Britney Glaser is leaving KPLC in order to devote time to her 3 young children. Tomorrow she will co-host her last Sunrise.

It's fitting that her new job will be working in the program that started her at KPLC as a teen reporter – growing the next generation of media superstars.

Beyond being a superb and hard-working journalist, Britney is an amazing person. The kind of person who makes you better for having known her. Her love of her faith, her family, and her fellow man should be a model for us all. She will be missed.

Of course, we are delighted that Olivia Vidal has come home to KPLC to take over Britney's seat next to John Bridges. That's the kind of place that KPLC is - if you leave, it calls to you. Olivia, Cynthia Arceneaux, and countless others including Britney herself have gone on to other markets and chosen to return.

So we won't say goodbye Britney, we'll just say "until we see you again", and may God bless you abundantly in all that you do.

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