Gator Chateau breaks ground on expansion project

Gator Chateau breaks ground on expansion project
(Source: KPLC)

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Popular Jennings tourist spot Gator Chateau has broken ground on its expansion project. The new addition has been a long time coming according to Jeff Davis Parish officials, as the first building went up in 1976.

"We are going to have more room for the tours we do," said Marion Fox, President and CEO of the Jeff Davis Parish Economic Development & Tourism Commission. "They are going to lay the groundwork, lay the foundation, and then we are going to start building the building."

Little Anthony Frescas, whose family is new to the area, stopped by the Chateau today to hold a baby alligator for the first time. It's moments like that, officials hope to create more of with the larger facility.

"Obviously this is a huge tourist attraction for the city," said Mayor Henry Guinn, "So anything that the city can do and the tourist commission can do to stop some of that traffic and detour them into the city, we're definitely going to be behind those projects."

While construction is expected to take about nine months, you'll still be able to stop by and hold a baby gator.

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