Dozens of homes in south Lake Charles targeted by package thief

Dozens of homes in south Lake Charles targeted by package thief
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A number of residents in south Lake Charles have had packages stolen right off their doorsteps.

For about a month, authorities believe the man, pictured above wearing a hat and glasses, is suspected of stealing more than 10 packages from residents doorsteps.

After numerous posts on Facebook showcasing surveillance footage of the thief in question , members of the community realized that the same person had also stolen from them as well.

One of the victims, Rachelle Maggio, said "she's grateful that the security cameras she has placed around her home were able to give a clear picture of the suspect."

Although the items can be replaced, Rachelle said it's the fear of the unknown that startles her the most.

"My daughter was at home and she was watching t.v. and heard a car but didn't think anything of it. That's the scary part to me, what if she would have gone to the door."

Stolen packages can be an expensive loss; Last year, the median value of a stolen package was about $250, according to reports.

Although retailers may reimburse victims or replace hijacked goods, keep in mind that some gifts don't come with that kind of guarantee.

Carlyn Rider, another victim of the package thefts said that the thief got away with a package containing a gift for her son becoming "McNeese Scholar of the Month" as well as special foods for her daughter that currently battles kidney cancer.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso, says so far, they've received 3 police reports in regards to package thefts in south Lake Charles, however, the suspect hasn't been found yet.

If you become a victim of these so called "porch pirates", it's always best to report it to local authorities. With the suspect still out there, residents hope that with the help of surveillance footage and Facebook, he'll soon be caught.

For a list of tips on how to prevent package theft, click HERE.

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