Justin Verlander's funny response to heckler goes viral

Justin Verlander's funny response to heckler goes viral

(KPLC) - Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander had enough of one White Sox fan taunting him from behind the dugout.

The Astros were in Chicago for a three-game series, when, in the second game of the series, a White Sox fan began taunting him, yelling "you suck!"

Verlander responded with signs that read, "No, you suck!"

Jacob Qualls, of Sulphur, Louisiana - caught Verlander's response on video and posted it to Twitter. Qualls was in Chicago with his dad, Greg Qualls, for the weekend. He says they are both "huge, lifelong Astros fans."

The Tweet has gone viral - it has been reshared 7.9 thousand times and the video has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Qualls said that as the woman kept yelling that Verlander and the Astros sucked, Verlander kept turning around before finally gesturing the score at the time - the Astros were up 10-0.

Finally, he pulled out the signs, which were met with cheers from fans in the area of the Astros dugout.

Verlander retweeted Qualls, who said he knew the Tweet would get attention, but "didn't know it would get this much."

"It was pretty funny."

Verlander and the Astros also got the last laugh on the field.

The Astros swept the series, outscoring the White Sox 27-2.

Qualls said the heckler was eventually escorted out when she began walking back and forth on the dugout.

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