(KPLC) - With Trash Bash and Earth Day this weekend, the cleanest city contest, and a number of recent anti-litter initiatives, our community seems to be focusing a lot of attention on trash.

We salute the various public, private, and joint efforts to deal with trash. Our local businesses, and city and parish governments, are doing more than many of you may realize.

But we still don't have a large-scale recycling plan that works for the majority of us. Whether you are an environmentalist or not, recycling makes a lot of sense.

I'm not personally offended by landfills, but I recognize that creating new landfill space is costly. It just seems like it makes sense to use the raw materials in trash to make other new materials while you cut down on the volume of material going into your landfill.

But a community-wide recycling program needs to be easy for the users and at least reasonably cost effective. Many other communities seem to have found a way to do that, we propose that it's time for us to do the same.

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