New pill could slow down eye loss in diabetics

New pill could slow down eye loss in diabetics

Being a diabetic means more than just checking your blood sugar, it can actually cause major issues in your eyes.

"What happens in the eye, the retina, the sensitive lining of the eye, has tiny blood vessels in the eye," says Dr. Rob Janot. "And they get leaking in diabetes and that sets up a series of events that can lead to blindness."

A new product on the market may slow down the progression of diabetics losing their vision.

It's called Nureten.

"Scientific studies shows it reduces diabetic retinotopy leading to blindness by 46% who have it already, and for those who don't have it already, it will decrease the onset by 50%," said Janot.

Right now, those with diabetes will need to get the medication from a healthcare professional.

Nureten does not reverse damage caused by diabetes but can slow down the progress of diabetic retinopathy and help those suffering from diabetes keep their vision.

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