Elementary teacher shaping future leaders

Elementary teacher shaping future leaders
(Source: Dakota Watson)

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Teachers do so much to prepare our youth for their future careers, but one teacher at Carver Elementary School felt a call to do even more.

Ronald Jarden started a program called the Gents of Carver Elementary to help grow young boys into respectful men in our society.

Jarden meets the boys before school to talk about the differences they can make in the community.

He also focuses on things like how to properly dress, correct speech, and chivalry.

Why does he do it? He just wants to make the community better.

"I think for most of these boys, to see someone who cares other than Mom and Dad, someone who wants them to succeed and they want to please," Jarden said. "I think these boys get a real joy out of just being loved and being poured into, I think they enjoy that."

On Thursdays, the gents get to eat lunch with public figures throughout the community to help show them all of the possibilities that the future holds.

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